Francy Torino in  Coastal Delight

Francy Torino in  Coastal Delight
Enjoy the sounds of the ocean waves with the lovely, Francy Torino in her second pictorial ever with the photographer, David Merenyi. Dressed in a lace beach cover-up and a yellow bikini, Francy is enjoying some time on the beach all by herself. A lover of being outdoors, you can say a natural setting like this one, is what Francy is used to and loves. “I grew up in a little town and not a big city — there were many parks and cycle lanes. I’m a country girl,” she says. Showing off her totally fit figure and long, long legs, it’s very clear that Francy enjoying staying fit. “In my spare time, I love to go running outdoors,” she says. “And to keep me in good shape, the gym. I like my abs!” When it comes to relationships, Francy appreciates companionship. “It is beautiful to be in a relationship,” she explains. “You always have someone who takes care of you and loves you!” If you’re enjoying getting to know this Italian beauty, Francy, stick around for more from her, right here only on Playboy Plus!

Francy Torino in Coastal Delight

Released: January 22, 2019
PornStar: Francy Torino
PornSite: International
PornStudio: Playboyplus
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